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Liar Lair

Jan. 18th, 2006 | 07:57 pm
mood: lame lame
music: Red Hot Chili Peppers-"give it away"

(Yes, I know, spelling error, whatev.)

So, I'm a loser. Instead of going through with my full hatius, I'm just getting a new name. Yes, I know.

So, please friend: orangechilican 'cuz that be me. And if I missed you on le friend list, forgive me. I'm just a lazy bastard.

...Right after this

Jan. 17th, 2006 | 07:50 pm
mood: sulky sulky
music: Red Hot Chili Peppers-"otherside"

So yes. I'm taking a hatius on this thing & live journal, after this update.

I've been just really exhausted for the past few weeks. I don't know if it's from Jay or what, but I'm pfft'd out. I honestly don't want to deal with an-y-thing. Which I know is really quite selfish, but fuck it. I just don't want to! I've been nice. I've been mean. I've been patient. I've been blah-blah-blah. I just don't want to have to deal with it anymore. Anything! I just want to kick back, relax, and if I must stress, let it be little things. I want to take time to worry about school, not whether my friend is going to die. I want to worry about boys, instead of worrying about what I'll have to deal with later on. I want to not worry about anything.

Not that I worry about anything before that much anyway. But, whatever. I know I'm being a huge angsty-cry-emo-loser, but this is my lame ass journal, and I shall be emo!!! I will!!

I know I never had to deal with anything that big in the first place, but it seems like a lot to me. And if it seems like a lot to me, well then it's A LOT FOR ME. I don't know why some people don't understand that. But whatever.

Simply, if I don't respond to you, I'm not ignoring you. I'm ignoring everybody. Because I'm selfish. And a big meanie. Honestly, I don't really care. I will come back with a vengance, but until then, Adios!


Jan. 17th, 2006 | 07:12 pm

I'm taking a wee-little-break from LJ. I don't know why, I just am. So that's why I'm abandoning your journals. Forgive me.

I just...bleeeeeh.


Jan. 13th, 2006 | 08:39 pm
mood: happy happy
music: Collective Soul-"run"

I have like, 8 bruises on my legs and a few on my arms. Was I abused and just, missed it? 0.o' Oh dear.

I had knee sex today. Yep. It was amazing, my first time ever. *eye roll* (EXPLANATION HERE: Justin & I were hanging out when he reached over and rubbed my knee. Then he told me I was a whore and I had just had knee sex. I was raped, I say! Raped!) XD Love that kid!

Started my period again today. *sob* I fucking hate that. On the weekend of my party and everything.

I'm so proud of EMILY and TAYLOR, they scored in like, the 90-99 percentile of their grades. XPPP

Oy, time to chat to meh peeps, they need my lovin'.

PS. Justin says I'm never mean to anyone. So suck that, biatch!

Oh yes

Jan. 12th, 2006 | 09:23 pm
mood: pathetic pathetic
music: Collective Soul-"run" *swoon*

Fucker, I just brushed my teeth in the shower for like, literally 10 minutes. Then I go and eat some cereal.

I hate myself.


Jan. 12th, 2006 | 08:55 pm
mood: energetic energetic
music: Collective Soul-"heavy"

Okay, so I'm totally having a dandy day! I've got my music plahing, my legs semi-shaved, and a lovely one-armed-yep-I'm-walking-and-hugging-at-the-same-time-hug from Justin under my belt today. *no pun intended* Because I'm seriously so fucking cool, and he thinks my birthday is today. :-)

Not to mention I finally woke up refreshed and not pathetically exhausted as I have been in these past days. And on top of that, obliterated from those pesky girly-emotional-feelings that have been getting me down. I blame it on the seriously abnormal, not to mention unhealthy, intake of processed food I've had this week. And it's getting better...

Party on Saturday, which will be fucking cool.

The only big bother today was that Jay got my cell number, so I've been dodging him even more than normal. There's only so much I can take, you know? I blame the pesky buggar Patrick. *facedesk*

Finished Citizen Girl which I liked well enough. Not as good as Nannie Diaries though, not even close frankly. 1984is giving me a hard time; I can't seem to get into it. I'm on page, 251 or something, and I'm barely getting it. I mean, I get it. But really, shut up. I know, the world is going to end in corruption. Then we'll blow up. Then magically we'll be reborn or the earth will die and nobody will care 'CAUSE WE'RE DEAD! But that's just me.

My half-eaten-day-old candy cane is divine. In case you were curious.

Although, this major canker sore is a fucking bummer. I will not let it get me down, no no.

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Meme and such!

Jan. 11th, 2006 | 08:11 pm
mood: calm calm
music: Franz Ferdinand-"Eleanor put your boots back on"

"I'll have a slice of your mother"
-Franz Ferdinand. And my curret favorite lyric. =P

Backtrack: My Birthday: so many, many things happened that day. Jay came home from the hospital (after slitting his wrists) which brought out mixed feelings about him and every other boy I knew. I ended up on a girly-tirade-rant about how much better I could have it with Justin or Patrick or a number of other boys I love to death. But simply, naah. It'd take way to much effort than I'm willing to put out. So, I'm over it now, just like Tori said I would be. So wise you are *pat pat*

I also went to Macayos where I devoured 2 tostadas and 3 sopaillas along with plenty of soda. Then home to a few peices of cake. Yes, I'm a fat girl, I know it. It was fabulous; I love that place to death.

Top 5 Restaurants:
1. Panda
2. Macayos
3. In & Out
4. Tuscan Cafe
5. Spegetti Factory

Then I sat in the driveway with Patrick just chilling, which is always nice. All and all, I had quite a nice time. My celebratory party is officially on SATURDAY to Sunday. We shall sleep in the guest house as to avoid infuriating the parents with our "noises". It should be some serious fun. Heh, yes.

Pimp Time: arrestedicons has the best Arrested Development icons in the world. Love.


And thanks to pumperknickels for the would-be- fab-happy-birthday- picture of Conan, if I could see it! (The direct link broke, you just have to re-post it).

Meme & such:
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Love to all!


Jan. 10th, 2006 | 10:08 pm

erm, will do a thorough update later. But today had it's really good points, and it's really bad points.

So, t'was good. ^_^


Jan. 9th, 2006 | 09:38 pm
mood: curious curious
music: Medium!

Yesterday, Heather, Amber, & I went to the Summit to pick up a white shirt, for meh, and a red shirt, for her. T'was quite fun.

Today I went to my first Driver's Ed class and liked it. The instructor was funny and I'm not totally oppossed to driving with him. He seems patient, but firm. So, woot for meh! (If anybody wants to join, you still can. You get *Big* discounts on insurance).

Used my new razors, my legs are nice.

Fuuuuuuuuuuck. Jay went full-blown fucking EMO on me. ARGH- just because you cheat on me, doesn't mean you slit your wrists okay? I thought we covered this is OH, 8TH GRADE??! Uuuuuuuuuugh. Lame.

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Jan. 7th, 2006 | 09:03 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful

Ohmygosh- Justin is the sweetest thing. He has totally made my day, or evening, whatev. XD I just love him, even if he is crazy.